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August 31, 2020

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▼ Alchemized Exercise △

What is Alchemized Exercise?

A Virtual Fitness Class with Guided Support to sculpt + tone your body + help with balance & energy in your everyday life.


What is included in this offering?

?4 Live Virtual Dance Fitness Training Classes through Zoom – (1x per week for 4 weeks total)

This class incorporates Music / body weight / strength / balance / and stabilization movements to build a fun and functional fitness routine to strengthen + stretch your body!

?Guided Group Messenger Support M-F (4 weeks) to help you navigate the fundamentals of building your health and fitness routine.

What is Alchemy in Exercise?

Alchemy in Exercise is about synergy between both divine masculine + divine feminine energies as you flow through your workout + using movement to clear energy + Align your physical & spiritual body.


We pray (connect to source, channel, meditate, whatever you call it, yep we do that!) + use exercise + music to align + detoxify our energetic field + our physical body…

It is an intuitive modality of healing the body through movement + energy to help Manifesting Generator + Generator Open Root, Sacral Authorities to live a more grounded, turned on + alchemized lifestyle in their bodies.

This offering was birthed from my Body Reconnection Course which focuses on helping women release shame + feel safe inside of their bodies to set boundaries around their health and fitness and HONOR their needs for emotional / spiritual / physical growth + fulfillment.

How does Alchemized Exercise help me in my fitness journey?

The purpose of AE is to provide both MOVEMENT + SUPPORT for women who are currently transitioning into an active lifestyle.

What I struggled with when beginning my fitness journey was knowing where to start and having a support system to guide me without judgement when questions or tough situations come up.

This is not to say that I can do it for you. It is up to each individual client to show up for the live classes and honor their own energetic standards, however we ALL have tough days or confusion where support is NEEDED + the group chat feature is meant to help answer your fitness questions and have peace of mind knowing that you have women in your corner supporting your transformation!

When does Alchemized Exercise begin?

Start date is TBA, as I will not launch until I have 5 women committed to showing up for the live class schedule. So if this resonates, drop a hell yes below!

This offering is for you if…

?You have taken the Body Reconnection Course and are ready to embody the next level of support in your fitness journey.

⚡️You are a stay at home mom / working mom / working woman / etc… who needs the convenience of a virtual class she can participate in anywhere.

?You are tired of working out from home alone and are looking for a network of women who are committed to transforming their bodies and up-leveling their health + body mindset.

⚡️You are just starting your body transformation journey and have gone to the Gym a few times, but have felt uninspired or confused by what to do?

?You are reprioritizing your physical health + are looking to ease back into physical activity with bodyweight movements, dynamic stretching, and light cardio.

⚡️You are able to do light moderate movement / lift 20-30 lbs. / can stabilize yourself safely while standing on one foot

This Offering is not for you if…

You are looking for extended + focused emotional support on loving your body and releasing shame (Please sign up for the next round of LIVE Body Reconnection in October for support in this space)

You are an advanced fitness client looking to for individual and personalized training on your current fitness routine / posture / weight class etc… (contact me about a 6 month PT contract if this is the level of support you desire)

What is the cost?

The energy exchange of Alchemized Exercise is $55 for 1 month

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition before attempting physical activity.

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