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October 7, 2021

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Disclaimer
00:26 Shout Outs
00:27 First Years’ Daycare
07:49 Setters At A Hotel
11:01 Outro

Skit 1
Yamaguchi Tadashi as Funneh
Hinata Shoyo as Lunar
Kageyama Tobio as Draco
Tsukishima Kei as Rainbow
Yachi Hitoka as Gold

Skit 2
Miya Atsumu as Funneh
Kozume Kenma as Lunar
Kageyama Tobio as Draco
Oikawa Tooru as Rainbow
Akaashi Keiji as Gold

But also, the roles would switch up sometimes, they wouldn’t stay the same. For example, Oikawa will be as Funneh next time, yeah like that. But Kageyama and Kenma will (maybe) stay as their roles because why not? 😅

Skit 1 {Original Audio} The WORST Baby in Roblox Daycare! By ItsFunneh –

{Audio Clipped 1} Audio clipped by NinanO “When Funneh and Lunar take care of three silly babies…” –

Skit 2 {Original Audio} The WORST Hotel in Roblox! By ItsFunneh –

{Audio Clipped 2} Audio clipped by •FORMAL BANSHEE• “I don’t wanna be roommates with cheetos” –

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