『 Speed Paint 』 Heavenfall ◇ 수상한메신저

July 4, 2020

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Hi I’m bringing back another boring speed paint, still thank you to you all who took time to watch my drawing progress ;v; This one is really old from last year since it was for a project, I can’t upload it until the orders are all shipped. I noticed a few lighting and pose mistake here gaahh, really want to redraw it ;;

The project I’m in for this one is Love for All Season 2020 desk calendar. I got Jumin with action movie and choose Skyfall if the title parody isn’t obvious enough lol

Again thank you for watching ^^
I’ll be back with Chinese New Year MMD next week :3

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◆Music from Youtube Audio Library : Watercolor Lilies by Aaron Kenny & DooPiano

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