July 4, 2021

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Moments of joy are God’s blessings, so are moments of discomfort. His grace descends incessantly and in umpteen ways. But only awakened souls can fathom His blessings in disguise.

Tune in to this soul-stirring discourse – राम नित किरपा करते हैं; by Swami Pradeepanand Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, enunciating Master’s modus operandi through historical anecdotes.

Case studies of Divine

08:02 – Life of Dr. Louis saved by Paramhansa Yogananda
19:38 – Learning through Mahaavtar Babaji & Lahiri Mahaasaya
29:55 – Demoness Putna blessed by Shri Krishna
36:36 – Divine grace of Swami Samarth Akkalkot Maharaj Ji
43:21 – An anecdote of Bhai Manjh & Guru Arjun Dev Ji
1:04:43 – Gautam Rishi’s curse to Maa Ahilya : blessing in disguise

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