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May 5, 2020

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“The span between drawing your gun and firing is much too slow. I had time to spare so I gave you some nail art.” –Korosensei (Chapter 6)

I originally planned to release this video last September, but it never happened because I was nervous about trying something new and different. (The audio is also terrible hehe.) This is my first actual nail art re-creation based on a 2D character and I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.

The manga has nail art with heart designs, but the anime version (takoyaki nail art) looked more fun to re-create. 😀

Shape nails [Step 1]:
✦ Nail file (I’m using an emery board file.)
✦ Nail clipper**

3D nail deco [Step 2]:
✦ Polymer clay
✦ X-acto knife
✦ Aluminum foil
✦ Double-sided tape
✦ Toothpick**
✦ Glossy varnish (or top coat)
✦ Matte varnish (or top coat)**
✦ Brown color (acrylic paint or nail polish)
✦ Golden yellow (acrylic paint or nail polish)
✦ Light brown color (acrylic paint or nail polish)**
✦ Green color (acrylic paint or nail polish)

Paint nails [Step 3]:
✦ Peel-off base coat (HIGHLY RECOMMEND for safety and easy removal.)
✦ Yellow nail polish
✦ Black nail polish

Add 3D nail deco [Step 4]:
✦ Nail glue

Remove nail deco and polish [Step 6]:
✦ Polish remover**
(If you used peel-off base coat, the polish should peel off the nail with little effort.)

(**) Optional

✦ OPI 5 Apples Tall
✦ OPI My Twin Mimmy {nails}
✦ OPI I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana {takoyaki}
✦ Essie Pretty Edgy
✦ OPI A-Piers to be Tan
✦ OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys
✦ OPI Alpine Snow
✦ OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends!

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