【How to be a Heartbreaker】Animatic de Mystic Messenge / Sub español

September 23, 2021

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Hola a todos, espero estén muy bien, hoy les traigo esta hermosa animación del juego mystic messenger cuya creadora y vídeo original están mas abajo en la descripción

Les quiero hacer saber que cualquier vídeo que recomienden sera tomado en cuenta para un futura traducción

Mú How to be a Heartbreaker of Marina
CHanel of original Ros Mo

Reconozco todos los derechos a los productores de la animación y a la cantante de este video
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Sin mas que decir

Kashiki fuera

The video you’ve been asking the re-upload of the 707/Luciel/Saeyoung route of Mystic Messenger, minus all paid content!

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You stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger” and downloaded it. Once you opened it up the app is connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys. You are asked to join their secret party planning association called and the story begins…

Are You Ready for a Mystic Chat?

You were looking for a game app just to kill some time and stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger”. It sounded interesting so you downloaded it.

Once you opened it up you found yourself chatting with someone nicknames “Unknown”. Unknown persuaded you to go to some studio apartment. As you walked into the apartment, your app is suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys!?

After a long chat, they ask you to joint heir secret party planning association called R.F.A…

As my first Android game to be played on the channel, I expected “Mystic Messenger” to be a relatively casual style game ala Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Of course, I’m dead fucking wrong.

Mystic Messenger is a strange dating simulator-style game that mainly takes place inside a message app.

The anime-style graphics are as expected, and of high quality. The sound effects, sound clips, and background music are all of equal quality. I can’t comment on the controls, seeing as I’m running the game in the Leapdroid Android emulator, but it seems pretty straight forward for an Android game.

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<