꧁Prologue Answers꧂ aka how to get hourglasses read desc

May 17, 2021

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1. Hello…
2. Reveal yourselves first. I’m the most confused one here…
3. (any)
4. (any)
5. I just wanted to chat with pretty boys…
6. (any)
7. (any)
8. (any)
9. (any)
10. I’m not interested
11. Oh… alright. I’ll listen for now.
12. (any)
13. what do i get if i join?
in the prologue is a matter of luck, so if you dont get them the first try do it again and again
꧁Who Hates To Work?꧂

1. Whoah~! Who’s this guy?! (i clicked the wrong one in the video)
2. Because you like me?
3. Maybe she is still alive? (Wrong too -_-)
4. She’s beautiful.
5. Why did you have to show it now…
6. Okay.
7. Thank you for telling me all these things.


>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<