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October 7, 2021

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

(This is basically the same sub, but i added more affirmations)
Ever wanted a yandere girlfriend/boyfriend??
Well here!
TW : [email protected]
Look on my channel for a calm version of all of my subliminals. Sorry that I don’t link them, haha.
Basically this subliminal gives you your desired yandere partner.
I’m tired so I’ll put more benefits later…
Oh, you’ll probably be stalked and maybe even [email protected], so be careful ig.
About me!!
– You can call me Piko or Nikei
– In the Danganronpa, YTTD, Vocaloid, Saiki K, and Mystic Messenger fandoms
– Bigender! (high preference for He/It pronouns though.)
– Demiromantic + Asexual
– I don’t put harmful or negative affirmations into my subliminals. In fact, this channel sprouted from my paranoia of listening to subs that I’m not sure exactly what the people put in. (thanks, r*se.)
– I am open for requests! Just comment them.
– My favorite YTTD character is Kai Satou ❤

Thank you so so much for reading this!
Have a very good day, you beautiful human/robot!

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>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<