15 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

October 13, 2020

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15 WhatsApp Secret Features You Probably Didn’t Know About. Did you know how to find out the exact time someone read your message? Watch the video and learn all these amazing WhatsApp hacks!

It’s no wonder that in recent years WhatsApp became a huge part of our lives – it’s convenient, quick and easy to use. Pretty much everyone has a large WhatsApp contact list and spend hours each day to catch up with their families, friends or plan some events!

How to change the font on WhatsApp 0:35
How to change font style on WhatsApp 1:04
Most popular contacts on WhatsApp 1:36
Muting group chats 2:03
How to make personal information private 2:33
Stop auto-saving 3:07
How to add dates to the calendar 3:35
Add a chat link to your home screen 4:01
How to send a message using Siri 4:28
Back your chat messages 4:53
Send a giant beating heart 5:27
Star the messages 5:49
How to secretly read messages 6:20
How to disable previews 7:03
Find out the exact time someone has read your text 7:33

– Just simply put this ` symbol three times before and after your text message! Like this, ` ` ` Hello!` ` `.
– For bold messages, you have to put asterisks before and after your message (*Hello!*).
You can send italics messages by adding underscores (_Hello!_).
And your message can also be transformed to strikethrough by using tildes (~Hello!~).
Plus, you can combine these styles by putting two or even all three symbols together (_~*Hello!*~_).
– This works only on iOS devices. You can do that by heading to Settings and then picking Account and Storage Usage. You’ll see the list of all your WhatsApp contacts and groups as well as the total number of messages you’ve sent and received for each one of them!
– If there is some group chat or a person that’s constantly bothering you with endless messages, you can simply mute it. Just pick the chat, click on its name or the name of the contact on top of the screen and select mute. You’ll have an option to mute it for 8 hours, a week or even a year!
– Go to Settings, then click Account and select Privacy. Here you can control what users will see your profile picture, status and last time you were seen on WhatsApp.
– If you’re sick and tired of constantly deleting unnecessary photos that your contacts message you, you can turn the auto-saving off. Again, go to Settings, then select Chats and turn off Save Incoming Media.
– If you type a certain date in your message, it will appear as a hyperlink. If you tap on it, you’ll be given an option to create an event in your calendar. So you can simply plan some adventures with your friends, work meetings or any other important events right from your WhatsApp.
– If you’re texting somebody pretty much all day or have a favorite chat that you need quick access to, you can easily add a link to it to your home screen. This works for Android devices. All you need to do is tap and hold on a chat and then click on three vertical dots on the top right of your screen and choose Add Conversation Shortcut.
– Just say “Hey, Siri, send a WhatsApp to” and name the contact needed.
– If you like to read old messages and get nostalgic from time to time, you can always back your history up on iCloud (for iPhone users) or Google Drive (for Android). If you have an iPhone and you want to back up a certain chat, just click on its name, then on the name of the contact and you’ll see an option E-mail conversation.
– If you want to express your feelings for someone in a whole other dimension, just send a red heart alone without any other emojis or words. You may think it’s nothing much, but amazingly enough, it turns into a big beating heart.
– For iOS users, there is a simple solution. Just double tap on a message and select the star icon.
– When you receive a message don’t open it right away and dismiss all the notifications. Then, set your phone on airline mode that will turn your Wi-Fi or Internet connection off. After that just open your app and read the text.
– . WhatsApp thought about that and allowed its users to disable those little previews. To do so, you have to go to Settings, click Notifications and there you’ll see the option Disable Show Preview.
– Hold on any of your messages you’re interested in and choose Info. There you’ll see the time your message was sent and also the time it was read.

Which one of these features did you like the most? Did you know about some of them? Tell us in the comment section below!

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