18 Instagram Tips Tricks Hacks and Facts

December 10, 2020

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18 Instagram Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Facts
Although tons of new social sharing apps are gaining popularity, Instagram isn’t going anywhere fast.
Instagram is still the second most downloaded free app in the Apple App Store, second only to Youtube. This shows Instagram is still pulling new users every day and is still as relevant as ever.
But its domination does end at global mobile saturation. On Google search enquiries Instagram ranks 10th in most popular.
But what if you’re new to Instagram, or just want to improve your existing Instagram? We have compiled a list of the most noteworthy knowledge and must-do hacks to up your Insta-game.
18 – Set up right
From the start, make sure you have ticked all the boxes on Instagram set-up before you launch your first posts. Pick a great Instagram handle that lets people know what you do. Candy23 doesn’t let us know anything about you, but CandyExploresCali, for example, lets us know you are most likely an avid traveller, based around California.
Then choose a good profile pic that shows your personality, interest or vibe, and that indicates more about your Instagram page. Write a clear bio, this is your story so get to the point. Include your website, blog or other social media page link if you have one.

17 – Make your bio count
An Instagram bio is top real estate, be sure yours doesn’t sell you short in what you write in your 150 character write up. It is used in search engine optimization to send traffic to your page, so your word choice is paramount. It also drives visitors to your promotions or is your call to action to promote sales or follows. Be sure to add a branded hashtag so that followers are encouraged to share and tag your brand. Keep it up to date and use it for short-term promotions. Although you can change it regularly always ensure it speaks with your brands unique voice.

16 – Create a look and stick to it.
Instagram is about visuals. No matter how great your captions are, no one will read them if your photos don’t draw people in.
At a quick glance down your INSTAGRAM page the viewer should be able to get a feeling for what you are about. Your INSTAGRAM account is essentially a collection, and you are the curator. Whether it’s a style of photography, a filter, or a specific topic like dogs, food or cars, or just a way of looking at the world, pages that carry a distinct theme do best in attracting followers.
This also allows your photos to be instantly recognisable as users scroll down their busy feeds.

15 – Give and take likes!
To achieve likes and followers you need to spread likes and follows. Once you know what your niche is and have found your visual look and nailed your bio, it’s time to find your followers.
A great way of finding out exactly who your target market is, is to look at your competitors page. Their followers and the accounts commenting on their stuff are probably the exact followers you need.
Engage with these accounts, follow them and like their pics. When they see you are doing the same thing they already are into, they will probably follow you and like your posts back.

14 – Post on schedule
It is advised to upload a new post every day if you want maximum success on the gram. You won’t grow if you post inconsistently, because you won’t be fresh in peoples click history, so your posts won’t be suggested or added to feeds.
Think of every post as an opportunity to amass new followers, so post at the same time each day, that way your existing followers see you again and again as most people check Instagram at roughly the same times each day. Your followers will come to expect your posts. When they see something that reminds them of someone, they will probably tag a friend, and voila, you are on your way to a new follower.

13 – The numbers behind Instagram
Worldwide 1 billion people are on Instagram actively. This is the second highest population on any traditional social network. Facebook takes first position. Half a billion of these users use Instagram Stories every day. These short live snippets into everyday life of Instagramers are a hit.
Stories are a powerful tool for brands wanting to build their channel. Users love the time sensitive self-destruct style, and they create an urgency to view rather than delay and miss the content.
The audience pole feature is also really popular, and promotes audience engagement, so be sure to run a fun pole that interests your target market often.

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