2012 Crossing Over A New Beginning ‘FIRST EDITION’

May 2, 2020

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“Through the art of film, my aim is to inspire a world of peace, love and harmony for all Earthlings. My method is to produce films of a conscious and moral nature. Films that inform, empower and inspire audiences with untold perspectives on various topics that afflict the world at large! Your support is the key to being able to make such films a reality. If you value my documentary films, spread the word and help Crowd-Fund our many planned film projects.” – Amel Tresnjic


Interview with filmmaker Amel Tresnjic



-Listed next to ‘Zeitgeist’ in the Disclose TV’s ‘Top 300 Most Mind Expanding Documentary Films’
-8/10 stars on IMDB. To read 16+ user and 36+ more critically acclaimed reviews
-5/5 STAR Review by AIDY Reviews

-5/5 STAR Review by Michael Forrester

-Received Honor Award ‘New Age of Activism 2012 & Beyond’
-Rated 8/10 on Top Documentary Films in Conspiracy

– 5/5 STAR Rating at ‘Awaken Video’

-Rated 8/10 on Documentary Addict in Mystery

-Rated 8/10 on Documentary Heaven in Spirituality

-Added to Archive.Org for cultural preservation

-Added to ‘Films for Action’ under vision, philosophy and War + Peace
-The original release has been translated into 9+ languages, all by the power of the people
-In the first week of release, the film was offered a Hollywood distribution deal, but Amel respectfully rejected it due to the terms that the film needed to be removed from YouTube
-Inspired a song entitled ‘Cross Over’ by Johnna Rae

-The film inspired author Mark MacNicol to include references of the Yuga Cycle & human consciousness in his newly released 2nd novel ‘Finn McCool Rises’
-The film was screened at the Washington DC Correction Center & included in their video library to help encourage positive change in prisoners
-It was also added to a Children’s Clinic video library in Hawaii to help youth overcome physical & mental illnesses
-The films positive message inspired world-wide fans to host numerous screenings in Australia, Germany, Bosnia, LA, DC, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, UK as well as hundreds of online stations

Written, directed, filmed, edited & entirely
independently funded & produced by Amel Tresnjic

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