A BROKEN GAME ERROR CODE 707 Mystic Messenger Theory

September 1, 2019

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Error 707.
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I’ve been thinking about this “reset” theory that’s been going around and wanted to share my view on what I think is really going on with 707 and Mystic Messenger. Now I really love this game but adding the fact that Mystic Messenger may be broken just makes Seven’s route even sadder.

There’s no way Cheritz made him break the 4th wall for no reason. Also how come he does it so many times? So many games do this but Seven is the only character I know to do this more than once in every route, including his own. It just makes sense that he knows that Mystic Messenger is a game.

I’m sorry I can’t exactly explain my entire theory. A lot of it spoils very important secret endings and the ending of Seven’s route. When I asked Cheritz’s permission to make videos on Mystic Messenger, they asked me not to spoil any endings or secret endings. So if my explanation is limited this is why. Though I highly recommend you download the game, it’s free to play!

If you guys have your own theories about his game please let me know in the comments! And if you want to read up on the rest theory you can


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You stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger” and downloaded it. Once you opened it up the app is connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys. You are asked to join their secret party planning association called and the story begins.

Mystic Messenger is a South Korean otome visual novel game developed by Cheritz. It was released on July 8, 2016 for Android and August 18, 2016 for iOS. The game is available in both Korean and English language.


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수상한 메신저 만우절 DLC 녹음현장
Mystic Messenger April Fools’ DLC Recording Scene

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장르 : 스토리텔링 모바일 메신저 게임

Genre : Storytelling Mobile Messenger Game

[성우진 정보]
신용우 (한주민 役)
김 장 (ZEN 役)
김영선 (707 役)
심규혁 (김유성 役)
양정화 (강제희 役)
이호산 (V 役)
이현진 (리카 役)
강수진 (Unknown 役)
이규창 (벤더우드 役)

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