A Very Mystic Halloween panel Anime Banzai 2019

September 24, 2021

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FINALLY! The filmed Mystic Messenger panel from Anime Banzai 2021, ‘A Very Mystic Halloween!’ **Please turn on subtitles because our audio was not the greatest and I worked really hard to get those in for you guys to understand the shenanigans.** We are so thankful for the amazing guests that showed up and interacted with us. It was a blast and will always be a fond memory for us. And a huge thank you to Anime Banzai for allowing us to put this on, as well as our panel helpers Lyn and Shannon. Also a big shoutout to Michael Serrano for taking the photo featured in the thumbnail~

Enjoy and find us on IG if you’re interested in following us. A lot of us still do cosplay together. ^^

707: @nado_cosplays

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