An Evening of Aural Culture | March 7 2021

April 19, 2021

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On the evening of March 7, 2021, a diverse and talented group of writers convened online for an event called “Aural Storytelling in the Dark” during which they read short excerpts of their work.

What you are about to hear is a selection of these readings.

In the spirit of traditional aural storytelling, we suggest that you find a comfortable spot, minimize your distractions and commit yourself to listening intently – focusing on both the story and the sound of the author’s voice as she reads from her own work.

This event was hosted by artist Nadia Khan as part of an ongoing virtual Art Night series that takes place on the first weekend of each month. If you’d like to participate in and support this artistic community, please consider signing up as supporter on

Excerpt from The Rumi Prescription by Melody Moezzi [:58]

Melody Moezzi is an Iranian-American Muslim author, attorney, activist, and visiting associate professor of creative writing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her latest book, The Rumi How an Ancient Mystic Poet Changed My Modern Manic Life (from which she will be reading tonight), was just released in paperback. | | Twitter @MelodyMoezzi | Insta @Melody.Moezzi

Excerpt from The Cambridge Machine by Nakia Jackson [10:06]

Nakia Jackson is a writer and composer who has alAways loved sound and story, because, as she says, “it is those that shape us and set us free.”

Excerpt from She Stares Out The Window by Nzima Hutchings [17:31]

Nzima Hutchings is an author, poet, and expressive writing and ;iterary wellness coach. She is also the visionary owner and CEO of Every Kinda Lady, Co., a literary wellness company for women. | | Facebook @Nzimahse

Excerpt from Thirteen by K Dulai [28:12]

K Dulai is a native New Yorker who works at a social justice health nonprofit in the Bay Area. She is currently at work on a novel set in a Sikh Farming community in Northern California, which she will be reading from this evening. | – | Twitter @kjdulai

Prologue from The Unseen by Laury Silvers [36:10]

Laury Silvers is a retired historian of early Islam and Sufism and now writes mysteries set in the time and place of her research, tenth century Baghdad – The Sufi Mysteries. | | Twitter @waraqamusa

A Glimpse on Jannah followed by Deus Vult by Avellina Balestri [47:06]

Avellina Balestri is a Catholic writer and editor based in the historical Maryland-Pennsylvania borderlands. Her stories, poems, and essays have been featured in over thirty print and online publications. Saplings of Sherwood, the first book in her Longbows & Rosary Beads Robin Hood retelling series, is her debut novel. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Fellowship & Fairydust, a magazine inspiring faith & creativity and exploring the arts through a spiritual lens. |

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