Art is the new renaissance with Sri Kala Luke Kohen and Kevin Orosz

June 27, 2021

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This week’s episode of Be On Air amplifies the voices of three genuine and driven men who speak through their heart and embody each of their individual messages so eloquently. The vision each of these guests share for a more beautiful tomorrow will brighten your day and bring peace to your soul. We explore spirituality, king & queen archetypes, the divine masculine & feminine, cryptocurrency, art & NFT’s, the importance of love and so much more.

Luke Kohen is a bard, speaker, heartist, mentor and ecopreneur. Deeply Passionate about bridging the gap between social entrepreneurship & environmental activism, he has been a strategist for forging new models of collaboration and innovation where the meeting of universal spirituality, holistic business, whole systems change and community building all converge. He has a book called “The Self-Mastery Handbook”, a 9-week coaching course, profound music, and lots of other inspiring and world changing content to explore on his website and content platforms.

Kevin Orosz is a High Performance Coach, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator, and Podcast Host. He is also a Performance Philosopher, Folk Psychologist, Spoken Word Poet, Public Speaker, RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, Freestyle MC and Founder & CMO of lifestyle brand Mystic Misfit. A bard in his own way Kevin vocalizes his message with such clarity and profundity to help people unlock a greatness within so that they may reach a higher version of themselves. Kevin has a book co-authored by Cadell Last and Daniel dick called “Sex, Masculinity, The Trialogues”. Discover more about Kevin’s amazing workshops, courses, and content on his website and content platforms.

Sri Kala is a musician of many talents with sounds of hip-hop, reggae, dub, afrobeat, and sacred mantras helping to create his soul-expressive sound. Sri Kala also uses mantra music meditation and sound frequencies to transmit his unique mastery of quantum healing. His specialty is serving spiritual teachers, visionaries and artists who seek transcendental healing and a deeper connection to their creative expression. He also has beautiful mediation and mantra courses launching through his Unique Masterpiece University as well as so much more fantastic content. Check out his new album Sri Kala and other projects on his website and content platforms.

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:01 – Who are you and what do you do?
0:14:41 – What are your marching orders as love warriors?
0:26:11 – Redefining King Energy & Actualizing your purpose
0:39:32 – Role of Cryptocurrency in living your purpose
0:48:11 – Economics informed by natural law
0:52:40 – Rumi Poem and Interpretations
1:02:27 – Everyone shares their deepest good, true, and beautiful

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