AudioBook + Text · American Fairy Tales · L. Frank Baum

July 16, 2021

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Book with audio and text.

American Fairy Tales
L. Frank Baum
Matthew Reece (Davenport, Iowa, U.S.)


01. The Box of Robbers 0:08
02. The Glass Dog 16:45
03. The Queen of Quok 31:59
04. The Girl who Owned a Bear 49:58
05. The Enchanted Types 1:03:36
06. The Laughing Hippopotamus 1:15:25
07. The Magic Bon Bons 1:33:03
08. The Capture of Father Time 1:45:23
09. The Wonderful Pump 1:59:42
10. The Dummy That Lived 2:18:04
11. The King of the Polar Bears 2:32:22
12. The Mandarin and the Butterfly 2:41:37


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