Basic MMV/Fanart Editing | Editing Advices

April 19, 2020

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hello bad rissi english woho
This can be helpful to some people, but at the same time maybe won’t help others
Keep in mind, whatever you do in editing it’s subjective, if you like to edit static it’s your thing
This is simply an advice from Luka and me, nothing more, nothing less
Sooo yeah
well Luka and I realised there are some things that happen a lot when people start up mmv and fanart editing
So we got those points together and wanted to somehow point out how to avoid those mistakes

The Video most certainly got longer than I expected it to be so…oh well
We went through 12 points
1. Placing your Footage 0:58
2. Correct Masking 1:33
3. Fonts 2:18
4. High Quality Footage 2:41
5. Lyrics 3:31
6. Logic 4:41
7. Following Beat and/or Lyrics 5:23
8. Combining Footage 6:10
9. Atmosphere 7:15
10. Transitions 8:42
11. Motions 9:28
12. Animations 10:19

This video is more like an advice video than an actual tutorial
There are plenty tutorials about animating and such out ther so yeh
First of all thanks to the potato who helped me do

and the potato i stle edits from lol (jk xD)

sooo….yeah I hope this will help some peps who are new to this kind of editing
it’s just the basic stuff, nothing special aagh xD
oh well
I hope people wont get mad at me too lol
I’m not spotting anyone specificly it’s just that those errors/things have caught lukas and my eyes so we thought why not making something discussing how to avoid those mistakes
also you have to thank multiple ppl who told me to talk the whole stuff
but I added some short infos in the video aswell in case people dont understand me xD
also I’m sorry if there are any writing mistakes, english is not my first language and I did not proofread what I wrote since it was more than enough anyway xD
Well then everyone
see this as a 4k special LOL okay no jk xD
Have a nice day (o3o

My back-up x3

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Espero que les ayude un poco 🙁

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