Bendy and the Ink Machine Comic Dub Debt | PHANTOMSAVAGE

July 14, 2020

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To be honest Mickey is very familar with those kind of contracts,
he’s just used to offering them, not taking them.



Me… as Bendy, Mickey Mouse.

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Kyle Land (PhantomSavage) is an American Voice Actor, producer, writer and director known for roles in video games like Mass Andromeda, an original animation youtube channel with over 20 million views, and various positions in the industry such as being a research assistant on Ancient Aliens or a writer for Penton Media.

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HELLO, GLORIOUS SUBSCRIBER, MY NAME IS PHAAANNTTOMMMM SAAAAAVAGEEE! A.K.A Kyle Land an American Voice Actor, producer, writer and director known for roles in video games like Mass Andromeda, an original animation youtube channel with over 50 million views, and various positions in the industry such as being a research assistant on Ancient Aliens or a writer for Penton Media. I have been a content creator for 8 years running now and THIS is where I post content of all wonderful sorts!

From classic Let’s Plays (with their own storyline) like Let’s Play Dead Rising, Comic Dubs of all sorts, to Savage Plays of games most new and interesting, this is the place where I post whatever I desire to my hearts content, and I welcome you sir or madam, I WELCOME YOU TO MY CHANNEL!

Bendy and the Ink Machine [Comic Dub] – Debt | PHANTOMSAVAGE


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