Brian Schermerhorn Software Engineer at Facebook Hack Reactor Grad LIVE Interview

January 10, 2021

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Brian Schermerhorn is a Software Engineer at Facebook but his journey to get there wasn’t easy. He started out coding in 2021 and after a couple of jobs, decided to take it one step further. He attended Hack Reactor in 2021 and got deeper into tech. Hear what he learned and how bootcamps can lead to great career stories.

1:00 How Brian got into tech
8:00 Why He Chose a Bootcamps
26:00 What it was like in Hack Reactor
36:00 What he thought about his overall experience
40:00 Importance of group projects
43:00 What it was like in his job
50:00 What do you wish you did differently on your career path
57:00 Building brand on LinkedIn
1:03 Parting advice for any bootcamp grads



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