September 26, 2021

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Isn’t it amazing how phones have changed so much in such a short space of time? Mine was recently stolen and I am embarrassed to admit that I felt completely lost without it. Our phones can do so much to make our lives easier and more enjoyable and today we’ll look at some more ways to benefit from our portable devices.

11 – All the better to see you with
As if Smartphones weren’t smart enough, you can use yours as a pair of glasses. Use the zoom feature of your smartphone camera to get a much clearer image of your surroundings, or use that same feature when reading menus / books / signs etc.

10 – Perfect Timing
Many people like to listen to music as they’re drifting off to sleep, but it’s not as amazing waking up at 3am with a random song playing in the background. In the Clock app, you can select timer options that give you the option to have your music switch off at a predetermined time. This works through Apple Music or Spotify, so you won’t have any rude awakenings in the early hours of the morning.

9 – For your eyes only
Ever had the most epic WhatsApp conversation that you’re keen on keeping? You can convert entire WhatsApp conversation into a readable text file. Open WhatsApp, Settings, Chat Settings, Email Chat. It’s that simple.

8 – Control Freak
Using your android device, you can check whether your remote controllers are working. Your smartphone can detect the infrared signals of the remote control. All you need to do is point the controller end to the camera lens on your phone and push any buttons on the remote control. If it’s working, it will transmit an infrared light which you will be able to pick up on your smartphone’s screen.

7 – Charge It Up
If you’re desperate to charge your phone but realize all you have is your USB cable and nothing to plug it into, look for a TV. Most TV’s have a USB opening, and your phone charger can fit in there easily!

6 – Strong Signal
Did you know that your phone can find hidden WiFi signals? Some WiFi signals are very weak that they don’t even appear on your phone, but by downloading the App inSSIDer, you can scan for any hidden WiFi. This App also helps answer the following
Which rooms have better WiFi coverage?
Am I on the best channel for receiving excellent coverage?
Are other devices interfering in my environment?

5 – A change is as good as a holiday
WhatsApp have had the same font for a long time, and there are little changes you can do to make your messaging a bit more interesting for the person on the receiving end. You can bold your text, make it in italics or strike through – here’s
add asterisks on either side of your text.
add underscore on either side of your text.
Strike add tildes on either side of your text.

4 – Picture This
If you’re like me, you’ve probably lost your car a few times in a crowded parking lot or inside a mall with split level parking. Avoid this frustration by taking a photograph of your parking space with the level you’re on and a landmark – bin / advertising / whatever… and you’ll never lose your car again!

3 – Going, going gone…
Use a nice thick eraser to remove all the smudges off your screen. It’s perfect for grabbing the oil and dirt trapped on the screen!

2 – Personalize It
If your phone is on vibrate and you feel it going off in your pocket or against your leg, wouldn’t it be great to know who was calling just by the type of vibration you’re feeling? Well, that is possible! You can head into Contacts, Select the important people and assign them their own vibration, that way you’ll know if you need to head out the cinema to take that very important call!


>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<