Building a Small and Flexible Wireless Exfiltration Box with SDR

October 12, 2020

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2:04 Introduction and overview, Explanation of Software Derived Radio and hardware requirements
10:28 Closer examination of SDR, the specific hardware and software used in the live demo
19:23 Breaking down the Python code used in demo, brief overview of GNU radio companion
28:24 Python code theory on transmit and receive side, using ZeroMQ framework
36:09 Live demonstration that encounters some problems, Paul troubleshoots and also answers viewer questions. You can view an uninterrupted demonstration here
57:53 Showcasing specific code used and GitHub links

Do you want to know how we learned Software Defined Radio? We learned it from Paul.  

We also learned by getting our hands dirty with projects. For this webcast, we sit down with Paul as he builds a wireless data exfil box from scratch. It is going to be awesome.

As always, the best way to learn is by doing.

In this one-hour webcast, Paul presents a small form factor system that can wirelessly exfiltrate digital data. To avoid detection this system utilizes a user-configurable set of frequencies and digital modes, both of which can be changed on the fly.

He had to solve a number of practical problems to build this system, and he’ll show you his solutions as well as best practices for coding SDR applications.

Who is Paul Clark?

Paul Clark is owner and chief engineer at Factoria Labs, an organization dedicated to the propagation of Software Defined Radio (SDR). He has experience ranging from chip design to firmware development to RF reverse engineering. He’s co-author of the Field Expedient SDR series and has spoken at ShmooCon and the Wild West Hackin’ Fest. He also teaches SDR classes and will be doing so this August at Black Hat USA 2020.

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