Caught Witch Handed The Hill Cozy Mystery Book 1 FREE Audiobook Full Length By Catherine Waltan

November 15, 2021

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Young and attractive Gwendolyn Paris could not have a more charmed life. Literally charmed.

Hers is a serene and cozy world shared with her Grandma Robby, an unabashed practitioner of magic, and her faithful, semi-sentient kitty, Amulet.

Okay, maybe just a little more charmed. Gwen has signed a gig with a local handsome business owner, Kevin Pearson, who owns the hottest spot in the colorful, quaint Town of Green. And if she could secure his attention above all of the others who would love to call him theirs, Gwen might just be totally set.

Just when it seems the fates are aligning in Gwen’s favor and she and her guy — who is the image of a knight re-incarnate — are getting deliciously getting closer, drama strikes.

While the question is Who in the sweet Town of Green could do such a thing?

Gwen keeps the faith as she gets closer to the truth (with the help of her Grandma and cat), even if it means it pushes Kevin farther away.

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