Common Mistakes New YouTubers Make Beginner’s Tips 2020

October 12, 2020

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Common Mistakes New YouTubers Make – This video asks you to discuss about common mistakes newbies usually make. Why discussing such? Because if we want to rank up our channel, we don’t only have to study about YouTube SEO, CTR (click-through rate), YouTube analytics, and the other important and serious matters. Besides, we also need to learn from trivial and funny matters as well, and one of such is studying from the others’ mistakes and errors.

There are so many mistakes and error done by new YouTubers, but in here I just want to discuss nine. All of these aspects being discussed here are/were my very own mistakes (that actually embarrassing to be told XD) which are supported by the other YouTubers’ opinions.

Hopefully, by learning these mistake-things, all of you can avoid them and are able to rank up your channel faster than before.
Enjoy the video ^^

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actually this video is dedicated for new comers in YouTube like myself.

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