Day 2 TOPIC #7 Experiences of VA and IHS

May 9, 2021

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TOPIC #7: Experiences of VA and IHS

Panel Spero M. Manson, University of Colorado Denver

Adam Darkins, Department of Veterans Affairs

Mark Carroll, Flagstaff Medical Center/Northern Arizona Healthcare

Jay H. Shore, University of Colorado Denver

Q&A with Audience


My 2nd FFIX cover for my channel! And this perticular song is one of my favourites because it only shows up in the game ONCE! Yet my boy Nobuo still shoves the jams into every single tune he makes which I really appreciate! Don’t really have much to say when it comes to me doing Final Fantasy covers really. They’re songs I know in and out and songs I wear as armour on my path to becoming a composer and I hope my passion for these songs and the series in general come through in my covers.

Had loads of fun recording this one, both nostalgic and rock-a-with-a-my-dick-out fun! Hope y’all enjoy!

Recorded Mixcraft 6
Electric Squier Affinity Telecaster
Audio Line 6 Studio UX1
Guitar Podfarm 2
Boss ME-50
Addictive Drums

Arranged and performed BlackearacheXD
Composed Nobuo Uematsu

Video Windows Live Movie Maker
Video iPhone 5


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