Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess || Afterglow {MMV}

March 31, 2021

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First post of the new year! I decided to try and make it short, i hope you like it!
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Hello! Enjoy this long episode hehehe, the reason is took so long is that I lost motivation and lost patience in exporting the video since it took so long hehehehe. And my storage got full in the middle of the recording, so half of it I just recorded again, it was at 11:10 I think so basically that explains why it’s a little bit long and kinda moved a little.

While I was editing this I realized this had a few mistakes, basically when I accidently used “💭” instead of “✨” for Aoyama and some spelling mistakes and I miss some letters so I’m sorry for that! I wasn’t able to re-record it again since my storage was full and I was done editing it! I’m really sorry for that!

And Thank you so much for 54 subs! ❤️❤️

Oh and I kinda got lazy in making the thumbnail

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