Debates 1Aftershow| Is Descent w/ Modification by Random Mutation & NS True| Dapper Dino & Panel

August 15, 2021

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This is the after-show of the debate with Dapper Dino, where a panel joined the discussion about the primary
Dapper Dino ( @Dapper Dino )
Jackson Wheat (@Jackson Wheat )
Nesslig, and TDlane.

In this discussion, the main topic was further discussed, together with branching to many more topics like Cambrian Explosion, Information, Population Genetics, Consciousness and self-awareness, Life, and Theologica Issues esp wrt Islam, and more.

I found the conversation quite entertaining especially exploring many issues and trying to bridge understanding.

Let me know your opinion.


The after-show was originally aired on Dapper’s
Here is the original link for reference


#DapperDino #Evolution #Mutation #Selection #Awareness #Cambrian

Note 20 Ultra unboxing – 1:55:39

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