Dragon Raja Lullehツ Nightmare Doom | Server No.1 Honor V Perfect Clear Duo w/ Commentary

January 3, 2021

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What can I say… I’m disappointed. First of all, it’s easier than Gods. Kinda expected a challenge. We did Honor IV, died. Then went into Honor V and that’s what you’re seeing here. Then back to Honor IV and cleared that too. While our ratings are obviously really high, I expected the mechanics to be a lot more interesting but the major ones could even be skipped… lots of boss immunities and waiting. It’s still a nice dungeons to clear on a weekly basis (once) (there’s no Normal thank god) but for this so called challenge mode, it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. In other words, there’s no “teddybears” in here. They should make these titles yellow btw. Or picture titles even? Orange seems a bit, meh. As always, will be interesting to know the lowest rating to clear this place. Might go back with some other chars and try a low rated duo soon btw. I know A 180k solo (2 deaths) has been done so it’s just a question of time until more 0 death runs will be done too. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it and learned something useful!

430k and 243k.

S7-Summer Night

“Dragon RAJA” is a next-generation RPG mobile game developed by Zulong Entertainment. The game production team is assembled and deeply participated by the top engine manufacturer Epic Games. The UE4 engine technology capability is maximized to create a gorgeous and multi-national scene for this mysterious masterpiece. In the game, there are rich environmental changes such as day and night, rainy weather, etc., giving players a real feeling of being in the real world.

– Epic’s top UE4 engine for real-world scene interaction
– Incorporate whole lighting scene technology, film level screen rendering
– Diverse changes in weather conditions, virtual reality experience
– Powerful dynamic point source technology to construct a gorgeous multi-national scene
– Extremely beautiful indoor environment, multiple upgrades of sensory experience
– Special effects system is dazzling, artistic approach to innovation


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