Episode 308 Turtles are the real murderers

July 10, 2021

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In dinosaur news this The Evolution and Biology of Non-Avian Theropods session of SVP explored Tyrannosaurus growth, Allosaurus teeth, new finds from all over the world, and much more; A 5-year-old in China found five 130 million year old theropod dinosaur footprints on a family trip to Chaoyang in Sichuan, China; The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a collection of dinosaur fossils including the Nation’s T. rex; Kronosaurus Korner, a museum in Queensland, Australia recently launched an app so people can visit virtually; In Singapore, there’s a new permanent outdoor animatronic dinosaur display called Jurassic Mile; In Malaga, Spain, a Jurassic Park style theme park will be opening next year; Some intrigue around whether Disney plans to reimagine the dinosaurs in the Disney Animal Kingdom ride, Dinosaur; Jurassic Dominion released some more photos including a baby Lystrosaurus, which is not a dinosaur, wearing a mask0This week’s dinosaur of the day is Tarascosaurus
Abelisaurid theropod that lived in the Late Cretaceous in what is now France (Fuvelian Beds)
Based on the femur, estimated to be about 6.5-10 ft (2-3 m) long
Type species is Tarascosaurus salluvicus
Named in 1991 by Jean Le Loeuff and Éric Buffetaut
Genus name means “Tarasque lizard”
Tarasque is a mythical dragon from Provence, France that had a lion-like head, a turtle-like shell, six feet with bear-like claws, and a scaly serpent-like tail
Species name refers to Salluvii, a Gallic tribe that lived near Mareilles
In 1988 Éric Buffetaut identified an upper jaw found near Pourcieux as an abelisaurid, and then later looked at other large theropod fossils found in the Late Cretaceous in Europe, and found they were abelisaurids
Then he found what became Tarascosaurus bones in the collection of the University of Lyon, found by an unknown collector on the steep slopes of Lambeau du Beausset
Holotype is part of a thigh bone, about 8.7 in (22 cm) long
Paratype includes two dorsal vertebrae, which may be from the same individual as the holotype
Other referred fossils include a damaged tail vertebra, and fossils from Spain
Considered a nomen dubium in 2003 by Oliver Rauhut because the fossils are too fragmentary and not distinct (diagnostic)
Said that abelisauroids in France during the Late Cretaceous was likely, but more fossils need to be found to show the phylogenySubscribe on your smartphone to get it early. Learn how at

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