Every Secret Item In Minecraft

September 4, 2021

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Believe it or not, but there are some blocks that Minecraft didn’t add to the creative inventory.
Luckily they are still obtainable. Using command blocks.
Some of them are new to me aswell, Including the Bedrock Edition blocks from the Education Edition.
basic knowledge, home schooling
Shaders – (I use the lite version)
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(No need to use the
Command Block – /give @p
Chain Command Block – /give @p
Repeating Command Block – /give @p
Command Block In a Minecart – /give @p
Spawner – /give @p
Spawner In a Minecart – /summon
Barrier – /give @p
Jigsaw – /give @p
Structure Block – /give @p
Structure Void – /give @p
(Not a secret nor special) Air – /setblock ~ ~ ~ air (Look at a block you want to replace and replace all 3 ~ with the XYZ
Debug Stick – /give @p
Knowledge Book – /give @p if you want a custom recipe you can type /give @p {[“]}
Uncraftable Tipped Arrow – /give @p
Uncraftable Potion – /give @p
Uncraftable Splash Potion – /give @p
Uncraftable Lingering Potion – /give @p
Enchanted Book – /give @p
Written Book (With an Error In It) – /give @p

Education Edition Exclusive To Bedrock Edition ONLY (Only if Education Edition is Enabled In Bedrock Edition)
Allow – /give @p allow
Deny – /give @p deny
Border – /give @p border
Light Block – /give @p light_block
Lab Table – /give @p lab_table
Element Constructor – /give @p element_constructor
Compound Creator – /give @p compound_creator
Material Reducer – /give @p material_reducer
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