Facebook Ads Tutorial 2020 πŸ’°Become an Expert In 1 video

April 16, 2020

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Facebook ads tutorial 2019 will show you exactly how to run facebook ads the correct way. 99% of people are running them incorrectly and with the strategies in this video you’ll be crushing fb ads in no time.

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About me-
My name is John and I have been running facebook ads for shopify, mobile apps, dropshipping, lead gen and pretty much every type of facebook ad you can think of for over 5 years!

I absolutely love running facebook ads because it is a never ending puzzle.. and I love turning $1 into $2 while I sleep.

I really love sharing my experiences and strategies through this youtube channel. We have spent millions on all type of ads and run our own facebook ad platform, Adchill.

Please take advantage of my facebook ad knowledge and ask me questions in the comments!

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