Facebook Live Conversation Technology Safety for Victims & Survivors 6.3.20

January 23, 2021

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Join us for a conversation about technology safety for victims and survivors. Technology is creating a lifeline for all of us during COVID-19, but at the same time it is often misused by abusers to stalk, harass and control their victims. We’ll discuss…
How technology can be used abusively
How technology abuse may look different during COVID-19
How to know if your tech is at risk
How to stay safe with technology
Overview of NNEDV’s new evidence collection app, “DocuSAFE”

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Maciej Ceglowski wonders what tech companies can do to reduce the amount of data collected, closing the path to mass surveillance and bringing some morality in using ML with this data.

This presentation was recorded at ETE 2021.

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