FLIRTING WITH ANIME BOYS Mystic Messenger Gameplay P1

August 16, 2019

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Welcome to Mystic Messenger! Mystic Messenger is a free mobile dating game where you take the roll as a Korean girl and message a bunch of boys on your phone. Mystic messenger is a very strange dating simulator but i have to admit its very unique. It takes your phone to a entire different level where it almost seems like you are actually chatting with real people and making phone calls with these Anime guys. Hope you enjoy this gameplay of Mystic Messenger and if you want more Mystic Messenger just leave some support and i will do more of this walkthrough!

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수상한 메신저 V 루트 오프닝 영상
Mystic Messenger V Route Opening Video

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V 루트의 발매일자가 9월로 연기되었습니다. 자세한 사항은 공지를 확인해주세요.

Releasing date of V route has been postponed to September. For more detail please refer the link below.

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장르 : 스토리텔링 모바일 메신저 게임

Genre : Storytelling Mobile Messenger Game

[성우진 정보]
신용우 (한주민 役)
김 장 (ZEN 役)
김영선 (707 役)
심규혁 (김유성 役)
양정화 (강제희 役)
이호산 (V 役)
이현진 (리카 役)
강수진 (Unknown 役)
이규창 (벤더우드 役)

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