From SOFTWARE ENGINEER to PRODUCT MANAGER | how did I land my first PM role

September 26, 2021

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I started my career in machine vision and automation, but also was doing programming, so when I move to Finland I moved into software engineering, development and creating tools for users was something pretty interesting for me. After a while I started doing customer support for users using the product’s APIs, while continuing developing. That made me very interested in user and solutions, without knowing much about product management, but over time I got more in touch with other product managers and finally got into a product manager role. Here’s my journey into product

00:00 Software engineer to product manager
00:43 Early steps in software engineering
01:06 Software engineer
02:04 Software engineer working in customer service
03:21 Working close to PMs
04:50 Beta testing
05:35 The opportunity opens
07:00 Other roles can do this too
07:55 Engineers have an advantage
08:21 Is not a quick change
09:14 Summary

My name is Juan Rodriguez, I’m a product director at a tech company in Finland, my experience is in building both desktop and cloud solutions focused on B2B, I care a lot about product design identifying the right customer problems and finding the solutions that bring the biggest impact to the company.

My education is on electronics and automation and my early jobs were focused on machine vision and to some degree robotics, you can imagine I don’t like manual processes very much and love to automate as much as possible 🙂 I moved to Finland in 2006 and started working as a software engineer, after a while I moved into product teams, with roles like application manager and product manager. Currently I am the product director driving product managers and helping them grow in their careers

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