Future Now how to upskill in tech for today not tomorrow

July 2, 2020

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We are in the midst of a technological revolution in the jobs market. Many experts advise that to take advantage of these exciting innovations, the UK workforce need to be prepared for what’s coming tomorrow. We agree. But we also believe that the right technological skills are needed TODAY to achieve growth in challenging and uncertain market conditions.

The future is now and only those individuals, teams and organisations who adapt their skillsets to work alongside AI, automation and a plethora of new technologies will truly survive.

Want to find out how you and your team can do just that?


Doug PageGroup Senior Managing Director

Jason Greenberg, Consultant at leading data-led consumer trends agency Foresight Factory

The webinar will

– How to effectively upskill to work with the latest innovations– today and tomorrow
– How to harness innovations like blockchain and AI
– The future for bio-augmentation, AR and VR

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