July 8, 2020

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

💻gonna tell my kids this video was mr. robot

(i spent about an hour trying to fix s0ny veg4s cr4sh!ng while rendering this, so eventually i just gave up and recorded the screen in s0ny veg4s, so if you notice how the v1deo looks like it was rendered on a flip phone, then that’s why lol)

A little video I made explaining why not to download any generators offline because they are not safe and they don’t work. Also they do it just to get you personal information or just to infect your computer with a virus to make it run slow. Also be time you have used a generator and if it asks you to put a email and password in it will probably be too late as they already have or are gonna change you password etc….

I hope you enjoyed this video and I if you are thinking of downloading one of them don’t as you can see this is the process the hackers do but they use more than too pieces a code, this is just an example. The code they use is phishing, which means stealing your data that you input and it gets sent to the hacker via email…….

More videos coming soon,

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<