HORRIFIC FINDINGS | Seven Mysteries The Last Page Steam Part 2 | Flare Let’s Play

September 4, 2021

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Playing as Nathan for the majority of this video, we’re searching through the premise of the school that we’ve been through briefly with the other characters. Finding a treasure map, we’re looking to piece together the clues given on it to not only find the treasure, but also uncover the supernatural that shrouds the school.

This is Seven The Last Page, a supernatural horror game made in RPG Maker VX Ace by Sang Hendrix. We are playing as different characters throughout the duration of the game, so a protagonist for the game is either a character we’ll see later, on all of the characters we play as are protagonists.

“That night, at the only school of a small town, a group of students unintentionally discovered their school had been hiding things that should have been left unknown. Every student knew about the tales of what happened there, except them. Then, unknowingly, the unacquainted students were somehow connected to uncover the hidden. Together they try to open doors, hoping they would clear away the fog. However, soon will their realization come when all the pieces of the final puzzle gather. All will fall into dead silence with the same thought… about why they crossed each other’s path in the very beginning.

Seven Mysteries – The Last Page is a supernatural horror game played in a top-down view. In this game, you are acting as Nathan, a transferee at the only school of a certain town. You are knowledgeable, cunning, and able to keep your calm no matter how hectic things become. You use those qualities to discover what’s haunting the school. On your way looking for tracks at the scene, you inadvertently befriend odd people. Since then, you realize that you are arriving at the end of everything, and you are also aware that… you can’t turn back.

The game focuses on the flow of the story. There will be choices that direct the game flow to various endings throughout the game. The duration of the game is up to the player to decide.”


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