How to Build Any Song with Note Blocks in Minecraft

July 9, 2021

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Minecraft Note Blocks can seem very difficult to wrap your brain around, but if you follow easy Note Block Redstone Tutorial, I promise note blocks will seem a lot less difficult, and far more simple than you realized!

Cheat Sheet Reference Guide


Here’s the notes I wrote for the first part of the Tetris theme I used as an example in the

The numbers represent the number of times you have to right click the note block, the dashes represent the number of redstone ticks needed between each note.



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Get a Face and Body like Ram from

-Face Shape
-Eye Color
-Eye Shape
-Nose Shape
-Mouth Shape
-Hair Color
-Light Eyebrows
-Frail Body
-B Cup
-Hourglass Figure
-Small Waist
-Rid of Excess Fat
-Small Hands
-Thin Hands

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