How to Bypass Surveys & Remove Human Verification Online 2020 100% working

April 9, 2020

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How to Bypass Surveys & Remove Human Verification [Online] 2020 [100% working ]
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●What You Gotta Do.

1. Get the survey link. It could be any content locker link or file download link or game resources generator

2. Now open this link ( ) in your browser’s incognito window. Press (CTRL+SHT+N) if you’re using Google Chrome save to use Incognito Window for this purpose.

3. Now paste the link of survey where it says “type the url of file / link you want to remove survey”

4. Now you need to choose a PROXY browser to play safe. You can choose any (that doesn’t matter anyway)

5. Next hit the *Bypass This* button and wait for the bypasser / survey remover to skip survey for your link

6. Once finish, complete the Captcha Verification and click/tap on ‘Verify Now’ button. Now here I would like to clear one confusion that this is not a SURVEY or HUMAN VERIFICATION type verification. This is just simple google Captcha verification.

7. BOOM!! you will be redirected to unlocked link. 😉 Have fun. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE COOL VIDEO..!

Bypass online surveys / captcha verification / human verification on files, websites, download links, game resources/cheats generators, games, movies, music and more in easy way. No coding knowledge is required to bypass any survey.

Just follow this method above to get through any survey/offer link. Simple Tricks to Bypass Online Survey 2019: BYPASS OR REMOVE SURVEYS, CONTENT LOCKER METHODS.

Not all survey lockers can be bypassed / removed because some of them are server-sided.

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