August 17, 2020

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<



Reveal yourself first. I’m the most confused one here

I came here while chatting with a person called ‘Unknown’. Do you know him by any chance?

Yes / Yea. I know nothing (pick any)

I just want to chat with pretty boys

Who’s V?

Where did you get that info (pick any)

Luciel? (pick any)

Who the hell is rika? (pick any)

I’m not really interested

Oh.. Alright, I’ll listen for now

a party? (pick any)

What do you mean?

What do I get if I join?

Compared to my previous tutorial on how to get HGs, this method requires a lot less concentration, so you can do this while watching a video or doing a chore. You just need to check every 30 seconds or so. But either method is fine.

You get on average 6 hourglasses from each time you play the chatroom (range is from 2-17).
Max speed isn’t available for this certain chatroom, so it takes about 8 minutes to complete it (if you’re on speed 9).

Here’s my previous tutorial (Cheritz approved it, so don’t worry) ~

Here are the best options to pick for this chatroom (according to my notes after doing this like 100 times lol). The most amount of HGs you could possibly get from an option is written beside each

– “I miss Zen…” (1)
– “What should you do…” (1)
– “Cat food! Must be…” (1)
– “If it were me…” (2)
– “What if they don’t…” (2)
– “Zen… would you hate…” (2)
– *Any*
– *Any*
– “I want to spend a nice warm…” (1)
– “I hope that you can be…” (1)
– *Any*
– “Zen, I’ll warm you up…” (1)
– “Zen, close your eyes!” (1)
– “I want to go on a date…” (2)
– *Any*
– *Any*
– “That was unexpected…” (1)
– “Zen, every time…” (1)

Now remember, getting all the HGs indicated above in one chatroom is nearly impossible. I’m just telling you guys that the possibility of getting an HG is there because I’ve gotten them before. It’s up to luck. I may be editing the above if I find better options. But for now, those are the best answers.

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>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<