How To Get Hourglasses In Mystic Messenger

June 22, 2020

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

Here’s a quick tip on how you can easily get hourglasses in MysticMessenger. Here I managed to get 10 using only 15 minutes of my time.
This method isn’t an offence and won’t cause your account to be banned. And of course, this method doesn’t require money.

An even faster way to gain HGs is to time your attempt at gathering them near the times either Zen or Seven are in the chats rooms. They average out to give one HG each time you chat (Zen is about 1.4) whereas Yoosung is 0.5 and Jumin/Jaehee are around 0. I went farming during Zen’s 4:35 chat room for 15 mins and ended up getting 23 HGs. I skipped the prologues/texts though because I didn’t need those HGs/hearts since I was guaranteed HGs during the chosen chat rooms. I also recommend going hunting during Seven’s “Seven Loves Cats” (10:04) and “Who Hates To Work?” (16:50) chats as well.

12th March – Yoosung
1st April – Zen
11th June – Saeyoung & Saeran
9th July – MM Anniversary
9th September – V
5th October – Jumin
28th December – Jaehee
# Year Anniversary of you joining MM (not 100% sure about this one)
If you play the game on or a couple days prior to these dates, Cheritz will award you A LOT of HGs. About 30 for birthdays and 100 for anniversaries.

Edit 3: This one is obvious, but I’ll add it anyway. Each guest that has attended prior parties is worth 1 HG. So collect those by going to their profiles and asking for an RFA comment on the guest. This means you can get 111 HGs total from just inviting guests and getting the comments.

If you guys only want to do this for an hour or so everyday and have access to the Chirstmas DLC, I really recommend this method. Thank you @Elehh Sunshine Multi Fandom Trash for sharing it.
Here’s what she
“Purchase the Christmas DLC during the 1st day 19:18 open the chatroom and leave right away and spend 5hg to re enter. In that way you have a special load file of this chatroom for free. FLIRT ONLY WITH ZEN. This chatroom gives an average of 4-8 HG but sometimes I get lucky that I’m earning 11-13 HG. Do that everyday during 19:18-20:53. That’s how I was able to farm 1000HG for V’s after ending.”

Some of you were confused by the tip above, so I’ll just show you how to do it

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>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<