How to learn from ‘Photo Reviews’ Photography Tips April 2020

July 20, 2020

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The aim of ‘KLR the photo guru’ channel is to share a lot of photography tips and photography tricks to all photographers using mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, and even mobile phone cameras.

You can learn photography from me (KL.Raja Ponsing) an experienced professional photographer shooting professional assignments for more than 35 years and a mentor running a reputed photography school ( for more than two decades.

We are all shooting photos and using it as a strong medium of visual communication. This video will help you learn a lot of Photography Tips, Photography Tricks, and make your photography better and powerful. The best way to learn photography is through reviews and feedbacks. Particularly, you can learn a lot from others’ photos. I strongly believe that every other good photographer is your teacher/mentor. I had evaluated the technical and artistic aspects of your friends’ works from that I am sure you will get point to learn and improve. Also see the other review videos through this link,

The review is based on my perspective as a professional photographer and photography mentor. Feel free to share your points on this topic in the comment box.

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KL Raja Ponsing, R.Preethaa Priyadharshini, Godwin Infant

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This week we are discussing the idea of “open source” and we will showcase our own custom TROM operating system based on Manjaro-Linux. We will talk apps and security, operating systems and computer devices. We plan to bring this TROM-Cast every Saturday 19:00 UTC time. We also plan to segment the show in 3

1. Discuss a topic that is TROM related – it can also be a book that we’ve released or something we’ve created. This is going to be the biggest segment of the show.

2. Recommend one documentary from VideoNeat every week and discuss it a bit. We recommend Revolution OS

3. Briefly discuss 3 important news of the week from TROM Curated News, and who knows maybe one Curated Video.

TROM-Jaro download from here –

Please understand that this is a “beta” testing and we recommend you to test the live edition not install for good. If you install it make sure you understand how to install and deal with it. We hope to release an official version in a few weeks time and we will create a webpage to explain it in detail (from how to install, to how to use).

TROM Curated News –

1) How to be forgotten if you are in EU

2) Ice Sheet melting in Greenland for the last 350

3) The Robots are Coming

4) Tech Necuno is a New Open Source Smartphone Running KDE and MIT team develops 3D printer that’s 10x faster than comparable 3D printers

5) Surveillance News (will be in theme to our topic and we can only mention them, not discuss each of them a lot): TSA’s Roadmap for Airport Surveillance Moves in a Dangerous Direction + Facebook’s Sexual Solicitation Policy is a Honeypot for Trolls +
Measuring the “Filter Bubble”: How Google is influencing what you click + WhatsApp skewed Brazilian election, showing social media’s danger to democracy

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