How to lipsync in Live2D cubism. Better with earphones or something

August 31, 2020

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-w- sorry if this took long.

Make a model
-Screenshot the mouths
-clear the background of it
-copy and paste it on a model you did
-make a line, up and down line
-make a circle of the color of the mouth
-Make a teeth (you can do other shapes or realistic)

-1st of all, add mesh to your model or mouth model
-Clip the teeth on the color of the mouth
-Re-Do or Make your own mesh for the line so it will be more flexible
-Add a line or the green dot thing so u can move the line
-Make parameters for it
-Trace the mouths you have screenshot. (do it on others)
-Make the color of the mouth inside the line
– And you’re done
(you can animate the teeth too)

I recommended watching others tutorial :3
Like Gacha Emika, Siege, Etc.

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also sorry if u guys don’t understand it :c
Anyways Bye. UwU

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