How to make Live2D model from JPG images for nonartist beginners tutorial

January 17, 2021

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This is an intro to my upcoming tutorial episodes. Make your favorite character come alive, EVEN IF you can’t draw.
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This is an unofficial Live2D tutorial for users who can’t draw digital art, to make an animated model out without the source image file (only have jpg images).

– Make model for for FaceRig (need a web-cam)
– Make animation video in Live2D Animator (free)
– Make game objects for Unity3D

Screen-capture images from 1 episode of anime

– a mouse
– Live2D Cubism 2.1 (Free)
– Live2D Viewer 2.1.9 (Free)
– Photoshop (or any image editing software like Manga Studio)
– a microphone or audio clip (for Lip Sync talking animation)

– 2~3 hours
– Full 8~10 hours

Live2D Official Download

My Sample

( Open the Model.cmox in Live2d Cubism, open the model.moc in Live2D Viewer)

Sorry that not all of cup of dirt is there but I do have a few reasons why though. 1. I was working on this for school as homework and I only had about 2 weeks to finish it so I had to cut it a bit short so I didn’t go past deadline but also have it end off satisfyingly. 2. I was going to do the rest of it but then forgot and deleted the characters (I had already deleted the screenshots so I couldn’t look back at them). 3. I didn’t think it would matter too much so yeee -^- ok hope you enjoyed Wolfies (or enjoy) bai

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