How to save Mobile Data | Part 2 | Save data from YouTubeFacebook & Messenger | 2020 | Digital MB

October 30, 2021

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Hello Saathiharu! Namaste. Yo video mobile-friendly bhayeko le yasko sabai bhaag dekhina ko laagi full screen maa hernu holaa. Aaja ko yas video maa maile tapaai haru laai YouTube, Facebook ra Messenger baata mobile data kasari save garna sakinchha bhanera dekhaayeko ra sikaayeko chhu. Malaai aashaa chha, tapaaiharu laai yo video awasya man parne chha. Yaa baata siknu bhayeko kuraa aru saathiharu laai pani share garnu holaa taaki waahaa haru laai pani phaaidaa pugos. Tapaai haruko sadhai shubha hos. Dhanyabaad.

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How to save Mobile Data | Part 2 | Save data from YouTube, Facebook & Messenger | 2020 | Digital MB

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