ICC Express get Developer License Way Low Price

October 10, 2021

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ICC Express get Developer License (Way Low Price)

Curation Software On Sale! ICC Express Special 72 hr deal

Hi, this is Hugh, the CEO of Web Dimensions, Inc. incorporated in the State of Florida since 2002

I’m the creator and maintainer of ICC Express software.

this is a great piece of software and I’ve been maintaining it with TLC since 2021.

I’m not going to try to dazzle you with a bunch of hype to get you to buy something you don’t need.

I’m going to tell you just what ICC Express is all about

so you can make an educated decision on whether or not this software is right for you.

I’m also lowering the price permanently to make it easier for you to get your copy.

I’ll start out by saying that probably 80% of the web is made up of curated content.

What I mean by curated content is simply when one website or social media account shares something posted on another site or social media account with a link to that content.

Facebook and Twitter’s life blood is curated content. Blog after blog is driving crazy traffic using curated content.

One might say that 85% of “pop” internet is driven by curation —

And that’s what ICC Express is all about — creating cool curated content, fast.

It’s a tool that makes it easy for you to find, curate, mark up and add your own commentary to hot existing content and post it on your blogs, social media fan pages and Twitter with links back to the original content.

This really, REALLY works —

Because traffic comes quickly to well curated content – especially if your content output is consistent.

and you can get paid very well with a good curated website!

Auto posting is no good, though. I have thoroughly tested what happens with auto posting software and Google is very aware when you are using any auto-posting tool.

I personally have tested it and Google is aware of all the crap content but only indexes 10-12 urls for searching.

So trust me – auto-posting no longer works for traffic, if it ever did.

ICC Express could be called the “ANTI-AUTO-POSTER” because it absolutely allows you to create professionally formated content from existing sources – without the negative baggage of an auto-posting tool.

You do have to assemble your content and post it but really it just takes a few clicks plus your value added –

So you can create tons of cool content for your blogs and fan pages and schedule them way out into the future.

That’s almost as good as auto-posting, but the content is much higher quality than any auto-posting software could stitch together.

Believe me this does get you the traffic and the Google love that you’re looking for.

ICC Express was originally based on my first very popular software, ICC Pro from 2021, which was javascript based

That platform no longer works since 2021, so I created ICC Express as an Adobe Air based software in 2021 and I’ve been making it better ever since and it still works great.

You download and install ICC Express with Adobe Air on your computer, phone or tablet.

ICC Express is geared towards two Creating content for WordPress blogs, and sharing content to Facebook Fan Pages.

ICC Express was originally designed to manage your blogs, and it’s absolutely 100% THE best tool available for creating curated content.

ICC Express comes loaded with a ton of RSS feeds from which you can select and curate content to your WordPress blogs and Facebook Fan Pages.

You can also add any RSS feed or website for creating formatted, curated content to your sites or posting to your Fan Pages.

ICC Express also gives you browseable access to literally millions of royalty-free images and embeddable videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

For your blogs, there are a few forms of templated curated posts you can choose from when creating new content. Or use no template at all- it’s up to you.

Plus there’s an entire set of functionality for use with

Search, grab and upload royalty-free images to your WordPress blogs
Search, grab and download royalty-free images locally to your computer
Lots of sources for Morguefile, Pixabay, Flickr, Wikimedia Commons+
add attribution to images if desired before uploading
Full-featured MEME top & bottom text, url, rotation, framing, word glow, colors, image sizing and even more parameters
Open local files – upload or open in Meme Editor & Upload/Download/Add to Blog Post/Fan Page Post
auto keyword filename when uploading
Add your EXIF data to images
auto EXIF on Meme Editor Uploads

ICC Express has an Image Browser and a Video Browser you can open in the Editor section.

The image browser also can let you browse all the images you’ve saved on your WordPress



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