iOS vs. Android CAGE MATCH

December 30, 2020

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iOS vs. IT’s ON!

Exploding phones! Disappearing headphone plugs! Fluctuating market share! Oh my!

Join us on October 25 at BMI for a lively discussion on the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the two dominant mobile platforms. Each platform will have a team of panelists championing their respective cause. Our moderator will pose some pointed questions to each team, including one or two questions from the audience, and each team will have a chance to get jibs in at the other platform.

Come see what’s up in the mobile development community, and have fun cheering on your platform of choice.

As you enter the main lobby, you might notice a lot of well-dressed people milling about; they were attending an event at BMI earlier in the day. Please proceed down the hallway to the left, then again down the hallway on left at the end. We are meeting in the first floor large conference room there.

The Nashville Mobile Development User Group usually meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. We meet to discuss innovations in mobile development, and will generally have someone from a local company who’s got something awesome to show off.

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