Kratos Streams .Hack Mutation Part 2 Innis and Cubia

July 4, 2020

>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<

Not going to lie I thought I was already at the final boss when fighting Innis and Cubia in this stream. I blame Skeith.

Wish to see more or want to skip to a certain part? See the series

Want to know more about .Hack Mutation and it’s related games?

.hack simulates an MMORPG; players assume the role of a participant in a fictional game called The World. The player controls the on-screen player character Kite from a third-person perspective but first-person mode is available. The player manually controls the viewing perspective using the game controller. Within the fictional game, players explore monster-infested fields and dungeons, and “Root Towns” that are free of combat. They can also log off from The World and return to a computer desktop interface which includes in-game e-mail, news, message boards, and desktop and background music customization options.[1] The player may save the game to a memory card both from the desktop and within The World at a Save Shop. A Data Flag appears on the save file after the player completes the game, allowing the transfer of all aspects of the player character and party members to the next game in the series

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>> Mystic Messenger Hack <<