LADY OF THE BRACELETS Mystic Messenger #7

September 17, 2019

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Sexy bracelet ladies and spicy jalapenos… what ain’t to love?

In This Episode… Jumin’s irresponsible whims pay off, Yoosung’s looking like a raccoon, & a play leads to awkwardness…

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You stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger” and downloaded it. Once you opened it up the app is connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys. You are asked to join their secret party planning association called and the story begins…

Are You Ready for a Mystic Chat?

You were looking for a game app just to kill some time and stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger”. It sounded interesting so you downloaded it.

Once you opened it up you found yourself chatting with someone nicknames “Unknown”. Unknown persuaded you to go to some studio apartment. As you walked into the apartment, your app is suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys!?

After a long chat, they ask you to joint heir secret party planning association called R.F.A…

As my first Android game to be played on the channel, I expected “Mystic Messenger” to be a relatively casual style game ala Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Of course, I’m dead fucking wrong.

Mystic Messenger is a strange dating simulator-style game that mainly takes place inside a message app.

The anime-style graphics are as expected, and of high quality. The sound effects, sound clips, and background music are all of equal quality. I can’t comment on the controls, seeing as I’m running the game in the Leapdroid Android emulator, but it seems pretty straight forward for an Android game.

Some Mystic Messenger Info for new players.

I cry when i realised i chose the wrong mode for Jumin and decided to go for Zen a.k.a Hyun or YooSung. In case, you all do not know, Jumin and 707’s route is only available in Deep Story mode which costs 80 hourglass to unlock.

Cheritz gave everyone 50 hourglass to compensate after their update and also, signing up as a RFA member gives you 30 hourglass. That gives you enough hourglass to unlock the Deep Story mode if you are interested.

Also, for the Deep Story, it’ll be confusing you do not play the Casual Story mode first. I have not finished anyone’s route but heck, I’m going for Jumin no matter what. Here’s the recommended playing Zen, YooSung, JuMin then lastly, 707 a.k.a Luciel. But you can play however way you like.

For the yellow hearts you get for reading the stories, you can change the hearts for hourglasses. 100 yellow hearts can be exchanged for 1 hourglass. To do so, click the +button beside the number of hourglasses you have and click the buy button for the 1 hourglass for 100 yellow hearts. If you are too lazy to check how much are the hourglasses, I’ll list them here.

In singapore dollars if i am not mistaken.
1 hourglass = 100 yellow hearts.
30 hourglass = $0.99 SGD
100 hourglass [10% bonus] = $2.99
300 hourglass [10& bonus & hot] = $8.99
1000 hourglass [27% bonus] = $25.99
2000 hourglass [43% bonus & best] = $45.99

I will update when I find out more ^^;;

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