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October 14, 2021

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Empowering the customer pact for high business impact Growing your product, business or idea is about adding value for your customers and how your offering makes them feel. Building a product is not the same as growing the product. How might we lead design for product-led growth?

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USA, California, San Mateo

Chetana Deorah
Director of Product Design

Chetana Deorah is a product design leader and mentor who helps empower human-centered design to achieve high-impact business goals. Currently she is Design Director at Coursera, an online learning platform focusing on consumer Growth and Discovery. She has held leadership roles at Netflix, she led product design for global acquisition & growth with a focus on emerging markets and prior to that she was at Yahoo, Scribd, Betfair, Pivotal Labs, and Pentagram. As an Indian-American, Chetana brings a rich diversity of ideas and influences fostering a culture of product innovation, inclusion, compassionate leadership, and effective communication. When not building digital experiences, she volunteers her time in design education with Interact Project and DesignLab.

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