Let’s Play Mystic Ark #37 The Emperor’s New Clothes

March 9, 2021

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In this episode, we put our new Water Ark to use to each Tinkle Kingdom, where the eccentric king has a mission for us.

Shopping List
– Purchase 2 Flame Swords for Felys & Tokio (21000)
– Purchase 2 Mithril Armors for Felys & Tokio (17000)
– Purchase Steel Armor for Lux (22000)
– Purchase 2 Royal Crowns for Felys & Tokio (15600)

Recommended Setup at this point in the game
Flame Sword [F], Mithril Armor, Royal Crown, Crystal Shield, Magic Buckle
Flame Sword [L], Mithril Armor, Royal Crown, Silver Shield, Platinum Brooch
Tole Axe, Silver Armor, Mandarin Shell, Silver Shield, Smarts Anklet

Main Gauche, Holy Robe, Triangle Hat, Light Shield
Gauntlet, Steel Armor, Alkaloid Bucket, Reinforcer
Shoot Ripper, Goblin Suit, Iron Gauntlet
Droplet Staff, Thorn Robe, Triangle Hat, Light Shield
Wormmet x3, Gobsmet x3, Fire Shield x2, Star Earring

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